Office Interiors

As your business grows in size you also accumulate lots of files and documents that need to be stored safely. Unfortunately, what once was a good sized office can quickly become cluttered with bulky filing cabinets, overflowing shelves and stacks of archive boxes.

Mobile shelving unit for Office Interiors

Bespoke Office Storage

Nor-Rak can help. We are experts in shelving, stacking, storing and racking and can help you optimise your space by creating bespoke storage solutions.

Whether it’s fitting out a storage cupboard with suitable shelving, or installing a mezzanine floor, we’ll find a solution that meets your needs.

We can help you create an office interior that suits the requirements of your business by optimising floor space, maximising storage space and designing solutions that work.

If you have an office interior that needs an overhaul, let us know. Our team of experts can work with you to create storage solutions that accommodate your needs both now and moving forward. Contact Nor-Rak today to find out more.

Archive File Storage

At Nor-Rak we offer a range of shelving and racking solutions that keep your office archives in order.

Our storage options reduce the chances of archive items being subject to water or pest damage. Storing boxes on shelving makes them easier to access and eliminates the need to move other boxes in order to get to the one you want.

We offer a range of shelving and racking options and can even build bespoke storage solutions to fit in to those awkward spaces. No matter how large or small your requirement, we can help. We are experts in storing, stacking shelving and racking.

If you need assistance creating optimal office archive storage solutions then we want to hear from you. Get in touch with Nor-Rak today and find the best storage solution for your business.

Archive file storage shelves for offices